What Your Patients See

When you use MedRev to request feedback, your patients can give you their opinion in just a few seconds from their smartphone, computer, or tablet. What your patients see is dependant on their level of satisfaction. You tell us when to send surveys and what scores merit a review request and we tailor the feedback process accordingly.

Survey & Reminder Features

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Text and/or Email

Sending texts is one of the best ways to get a patient’s attention and their feedback. In fact, 82% of smartphone users read every text they get. But that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. MedRev enables you to send texts, emails, or both depending on each patient’s needs. From sending surveys to personalized responses, you always have options when it comes to communication.

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Life can be busy, especially after receiving medical treatment or care. A gentle reminder can help patients remember to leave a review. Our reminder emails are customizable and non-intrusive so you only send reminders when it’s appropriate for you.

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Customization Options

We want your MedRev account to be an extension of your business. You can set your questions, change your icons, add your logo and personalize your messages. Each department or location can be setup to have different surveys, different triggers, and request reviews for different, or the same, social platforms.

Notification & Response Features

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Low Score Notifications

MedRev can alert you when a patient is more than just a little frustrated. When a patient leaves you a 1-star survey response, a designated staff member can get an email right away so you can act fast in situations where a quick response is necessary.

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Respond Via Email, Text, or Phone

An apology, or a simple thank you, goes a long way. MedRev helps you communicate with your patients through saved templates or personalized messages using the method that best fits your staff and your patients’ needs.

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Knowing When To Respond

Managing communication with less than satisfied patients is easy with MedRev “Surveys That Need Responses” section. Here you can prioritize which patients to respond to, and remove those from your list that do not require a reply. Reaching out to patients has never been easier!

Review Consolidation & Communication Records

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View and Reply To All Online Reviews In One Place

No more searching the web to see what patients are saying about you online. MedRev gathers and organizes all of your reviews across platforms whether the are posted through links from a positive survey response or independently. Here you can leave a public reply without ever leaving the MedRev system.

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See All Encounters Your Patients Have With MedRev

MedRev provides a profile for each patient so you can see exactly what communication was sent to them and when. Here you can opt patients out of further texts or emails, or see what IP address their survey was taken from.

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Integrations For All Healthcare Management Systems

MedRev can be integrated into your HIS, PMS, EMR, RIS, or almost any other system. Our customized approach ensures that your integration works exactly how you need it to without compromising sensitive data. The security of your PHI is always our priority and you can rest assured that using MedRev will never interfere with your HIPAA compliance.

Powerful Data and Analytics

Having meaningful data presented in a clear format makes it easy to see how you’re doing. MedRev gives you the tools to know when and where obstacles to patient satisfaction lie so you can make improvements to your business that will have a positive impact on your patients, staff, processes, profitability, and overall reputation.

Change Over Time

See your average patient feedback score from day to day, week to week, or month to month. Filter by date and use our sliding view to zoom in on a specific time period.

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Responses By Rating
Responses By Rating

Want to know what percentage of your survey questions were given a 5-star response? Easily filter by date to see how many questions received positive or negative feedback so you can get a clear picture of how you’re doing.

Statistics Dashboard

See your average score for a specific time period or the lifetime of your account. Know how many survey requests have been sent out, how many were through email and how many were through text. View your ratio of positive to negative survey results based on the minimum score you set up for your location.

Statistics Dashboard
Export To You Business Intelligence Systems
Export To You Business Intelligence Systems

Our tools are powerful, but we understand you may have more data you want to compare. Whether you’re using Tableau, Domo, ClicData, Sisense, or another software, we can set up a custom data feed from MedRev to most business intelligence tools so you can get the full picture. We can even assess your current BI system set up to make sure you’re getting the most out of your data.

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Patient Scenario Management

Your business is unique and so are your patients. That’s why we make sure your patients receive surveys only when it makes sense for their situation.

Here just a few examples of common patient scenarios and how they are managed through MedRev.

An Easy Visit Or Follow Up

For many healthcare businesses, such as dental offices, and optometrists, easy procedures and check ups are the most common kind of visit. For a patient who’s just gotten her braces removed, sending out a survey request an hour after she leaves the office may be the perfect time to get her feedback.

college age girl happy at the orthodontist with braces
Happy mom with her new born at hospital
After Recovery

We acknowledge that for some patients gentle reminders at a later date are more appropriate than an immediate request for feedback. The birth of a new baby is an exciting time, but sending a feedback request to a new mom before she and her family have a chance to relax may not be the best time. This is often the case with patients who undergo a surgery or major medical treatment as well. In situations where patients need to focus on recovery, MedRev postpones a feedback request for a more appropriate time.

A Minor or Guardian

Many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals often provide medical treatment to children or patients who are under the care of a guardian. In these cases, the feedback requests can be directed to the caregiver rather than the patient. Your message can be tailored to best suit these recipients who can provide feedback.

child at doctor happy with her mom
Ederly in nursing home
Transfer To Another Facility

Sometimes patients require ongoing care after their visit with you. At times when a patient is transferred to a nursing home, a rehabilitation center, or another facility, it may be most appropriate to send a delayed feedback request to a family member or caregiver. They can help your patient provide responses once they are back on their feet, or they can respond to your survey on the patient's behalf.

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